Merry Christmas from our home to yours!!!


Take the stress away we have you covered from snacks to sweets and even the main meal!


  • Christmas | Savoury

    • Boiled new season Perlas tossed in mint mayonnaise with dill, pink pickles and radish cress. (serves 4-5) GF | DF *image to come
    • Sumac cucumber, tomatoes, herbs, marinated feta and pomegranate dressing. Served 4-5.
    • Set cheese log filled with chunks of Evensdale cheese's 3 best cheese rolled in dill and black pepper served with fig and apricot chutney. (serves 5-7) GF
    • Side of Manuka hot smoked Ora King Salmon with horseradish creme fraiche and dill. Approx. 1.4kg | Feeds 10-15 people | GF (DF without sauce)
    • Glazed Champagne Ham with a side of cranberry, orange and whisky reduction. Comes ready to slice. Approx. 5kg | Feeds 15-25 people | DF | GF (NZ born and raised pigs grown by local farmers)
    • Herb and seeded lavosh crackers, great for cheese boards or with dips. 150gm bag.

    Christmas | Sweets

    • Whole Whittakers 72% dark chocolate baked torte served with a fresh berries. Serves 10-12 | GF (Contains nuts)
    • Our classic tiramisu with layers of mascarpone cream between coffee and booze soaked sponge fingers dusted and with cocoa. 1 serve.
    • Bag of plum flavoured meringues ready to fill. 12 piece | $16.00 | GF | DF
    • Chewy Italian dessert chocolate and honey with fruit and nuts folded through, great with espresso or brandy. Serves 14-16
    • Orange and brandy soaked fruit mince in a crunchy sweet pastry shell. 6 piece
    • Dutch almond filled spice cake flavoured with cinnamon, nutmeg and cardamon. Recipe from our dear friend Barbara. (serves 12-15)
    • The most refreshing flavour in the world, made from locally grown elderflowers. Perfect summer mixer. (1 litre)
    • Classic tart with sweet crust pastry shell filled with zesty lemon custard. (serves 8-10)